There is a reason why we are not allowed to be exposed to the sun too much. Our skin can be damaged and it can be the reason for some irritations and tons of skin diseases. We are not bulletproof from the weather and even from the sun. The sun is not at all safe for us if it goes beyond the cache’ or the limitations of our bodies. Our bodies can make use of the daylight sun for nutrition but it is definitely a big minus to tan under the heat of the sun and expect nothing will happen.

You Can Get Cancer Because Of The Sun
Well, some people are actually lucky to have tanned skin after they soak themselves under the sun. However, there are those people who regret it. There are different tolerance of sunlight for different people. Some people who have more keratin are more resistant to the effects of the sun while others will suffer the harsh consequences.

There are people who tan under the sun and have irritations. Some will get infections and blisters if they get too much sun and expose themselves from the elements. There are also those others that have not stayed too long but their skins are exposed to a lot of damages. While there are those unlucky individuals who suffer from skin cancer just for small reasons such as getting a pimple or having to be exposed under the sun for a while.

UV rays are the reason why not everyone wants to be under the sun. it is the substance or the matter coming from the sun that causes our skin to burn when we are soaked under it. It is responsible for people having cancer just because they had fun under the sun. It is unforgiving and it is unhealthy for us. Now, that the atmosphere is damaged and it is getting thinner, more of the rays are going down to the surface of the earth and it is hitting us directly whenever we are under the sun.

The concept of UV rays is more than just a matter but it is a killer that is not seen only with the naked eye. However, to prevent it, there are ways to protect yourself from being exposed to too much sun. There are protections that can be used before to prevent any illnesses caused by the unhealthy shine of the hot sun.